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3D Virtual Tours of Design Miami/ 2022

Explore the fair and shop works directly from the show floor through 3D virtual tours, curated by Design Miami/ thought leaders.

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“Design Miami’s flagship fair at Miami Beach is always full of energy and optimism for the future. At a time when human beings are challenged in unprecedented ways, I hope that the theme The Golden Age: Looking to the Future will offer a source of inspiration to imagine and shape a brighter future for human beings and our planet.”

Maria Cristina Didero

Curatorial Director, Design Miami/

Gallery Highlights

A tour curated by Jen Roberts, CEO, Design Miami/

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  • Curated by

    Jen Roberts

    CEO, Design Miami/
  • Lebreton

    Suzanne Ramié

    Vase Oiseau

    Joaquim Tenreiro


    Sam Orlando Miller

    Fiore del Cielo

    Giuseppe Ducrot

    Yellow Amphorae I

    Khaled El Mays


Spotlight on Curio

A tour curated by Grela Orihuela, Vice President of Fairs and Ginger Wang, Associate Director of Global Exhibitions, Design Miami/

Best of Show

Each year Design Miami/ enlists a jury of experts to review the fair’s exhibitions and present the Best of Show awards. This year’s jury for Design Miami/ includes architect Lee Mindel, art advisor Simon Andrews, design collector Al Eiber, and Design Miami/ Vice President of Fairs Grela Orihuela.