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3D Virtual Tours of Design Miami/ Basel

Explore the fair and shop design works from the show floor through 3D virtual tours, curated by thought leaders and experts.

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Design Miami/ has always been the global forum for design, and as the Basel fair returns this year, we hope Human Nature will continue to prompt lively discussion through our talks and programming while offering another lens for looking at the work of our galleries and designers.

Aric Chen

Curatorial Director, Design Miami/

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Walk through the fair floor with Design Miami's CEO

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  • Curated by

    Jennifer Roberts

    CEO of Design Miami/
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    Design at Large Highlight


Discover exceptional historical and contemporary design objects created by masters of minimalism. These works are at once barely there and high impact.

  • Curated by

    Aric Chen

    Curatorial Director
  • Galerie kreo

    Vittoriano Vigano & Gino Sarfatti

    1049/N Floor Light

    Germans Ermičs & Boris Berlin

    Black Mirror


    Less CPP N2: Wall Light 6C

The Icons

Explore significant historical objects by the legends in our field. These pieces—and their makers—have defined the design canon to date.

The Escape Artists

Some of today’s most collectible design objects downplay function in favor of exuberant aesthetics and visions of life beyond the ordinary. These contemporary works heighten the experience of the everyday.

With These Hands

Every object in this collection has been exquisitely made by hand by masters of their craft—past and present.

Craig Robins’ Top Picks

Collector, Entrepreneur, and Design Miami/ Cofounder Craig Robins spotlights his favorite pieces at Design Miami/ Basel 2021.

From the Austere to the Flamboyant

The to and fro of austerity and flamboyance in design is a perpetual rhythm, varying from era to era. Sometimes the two tendencies are diametrically opposed; sometimes they are encapsulated in a single piece. While Jean Prouvé represents one extreme end of the pendulum's swing, the contemporary designer Joseph Walsh perhaps represents the other, while near-contemporaries Joaquim Tenreiro and Carlo Mollino represent critical pivot points of sensibility. Wendell Castle's Desk of Doctor Caligari's Mistress is playfully and theatrically over the top, while the Grande Table Pliable by Bernard Dubois and Isaac Reina, in its subtle luxuriousness, offers a more intellectual and sensual thrill. I hope you enjoy the journey!

Superblue presents DRIFT x Sou Fujimoto

At the 15th edition of Design Miami/ Basel, the artist duo DRIFT presented Shy Synchrony, a site-specific installation for the fair, which seeks to encourage a deepened connection to our environment. The artists joined forces with Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto who specially conceived a pavilion, which acts as a counterpoint to the kinetic artwork.