Design Miami/ Basel presents

With These Hands

Basel MesseplatzBasel, Switzerland

Sep 21, 2021Sep 26, 2021

Every object in this collection has been exquisitely made by hand by masters of their craft—past and present.

Curated by Anna Carnick

MyungJin Kim Paradise #32

presented by AGO Projects
AGO Projects

MyungJin Kim


In her most recent body of work, Paradise, South Korean-born, California-based ceramic artist MyungJin Kim hand sculpts organically shaped, low relief narrative motifs in terra cotta. These vessels feature hand painting flora and fauna inspired by the artist’s own garden.


Ok Kim Merge Coffee Table

presented by OKKIM STUDIO

Seoul-based artist Ok Kim works with Korean Ottchil—a natural lacquer material and technique found in east Asian countries. Traditionally this technique produces often glossy red or black surfaces. But Kim introduces a contemporary twist by varying the hues of the lacquer in a laborious process that takes months to complete.


Masatoshi Izumi Kegarenaki Mizu Tsukubai

presented by Gallery Japonesque

This water basin was created by Masatoshi Izumi, who was born into a family of stone carvers on the Japanese island of Shikoku. In 1964, he co-founded the Stone Atelier in Kagawa Prefecture, dedicated to new architectural and artistic uses for traditional stone cutting techniques. That year he also met Isamu Noguchi, who soon after asked Izumi to help him carve the monumental granite sculpture Black Sun, completed in 1969. Masatoshi Izumi and his atelier have realized some of the most ambitious architectural and artistic stone projects of the last century.


Inês Schertel Solito Bench

presented by Mercado Moderno

Ines Schertel


Based in southern Brazil, Inês Schertel crafts an array of objects in wool that she sources from her own farm. Surrounded by acres of pastoral land, Schertel has embraced a slow design approach, hand-felting wool and dyeing it with vegetable pigments to create furniture and accessories that reflect her connection to and love for the natural world.


Pol Chambost Egg Turquoise

presented by Thomas Fritsch-ARTRIUM

French ceramics artist Pol Chambost’s career began in his father’s business dedicated to making funerary sculpture. But after ten years, he turned his attention to ceramics, and became a master of the craft. His brilliant, biomorphic forms pioneered a modern approach to a traditional medium.


Bruno Gambone Vase Homage to Fontana

presented by Galleria Rossella Colombari

This work is an iconic example of Bruno Gambone’s artistic repertoire. Strongly influenced by the Spatialism movement, Gambone had a profound admiration for Lucio Fontana. With its incised surface, this work pays homage to one of the most important Italian artists of the 20th century.

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