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Basel MesseplatzBasel, Switzerland

Sep 21, 2021Sep 26, 2021

Walk through the fair floor with Design Miami's CEO

Curated by Jennifer Roberts


Welcome to the 15th edition of Design Miami/ Basel. This year, we invite you to experience the global forum for design through interactive and shoppable 3D tours of the fair. Start here and then go on to discover a range of thematic tours, curated by the design world’s leading experts and thought leaders.

Jennifer Roberts

CEO, Design Miami/

Curatorial Theme - Human Nature

Curated by Curatorial Director, Aric Chen, the thematic of this year’s fair is 'Human Nature,’ which examines the evolving relationship between humans and the increasingly constructed natural world. One expression of this theme is Symbiotic Habitat by dieDAS Presented by Dr. Hauschka – an immersive, mycelium-wrapped space, where the emerging talents’ objects engage in dialogue with the bio-material backdrop.


Curios Highlight - Harry Nuriev

In addition to featuring the world's leading historic and contemporary galleries, Design Miami/ Basel also features Curios - focused explorations of cutting-edge design thinking by celebrated studio designers such as Harry Nuriev.


Design at Large Highlight

Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy for Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Design Miami/ Basel’s Design at Large presents large-scale works of historical and contemporary design, showcasing ambitious architectural installations that feature both conceptual and industrial innovation. This year’s Design at Large installations include POMPIDOU BED by RICK OWENS FURNITURE.

Design at Large is intended to be a site of discovery for visitors to the fair, presenting a selection of works that explore a particular theme inspired by current topics in design.

Jen Roberts

CEO, Design Miami


Diego Faivre

Diego Faivre


This is the first Design Miami/ fair to incorporate DM/BX, Design Miami's new shop for the next generation of design lovers, featuring one-of-a-kind and limited edition works by celebrated and emerging designers, including Laura Sattin, Diego Faivre and XTANT.

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