Design Miami/ Basel presents

The Escape Artists

Basel MesseplatzBasel, Switzerland

Sep 21, 2021Sep 26, 2021

Some of today’s most collectible design objects downplay function in favor of exuberant aesthetics and visions of life beyond the ordinary. These contemporary works heighten the experience of the everyday.

Curated by Wava Carpenter

Atelier V&F Raw Cabinet

presented by Objective Gallery
Objective Gallery

Chen Furong & Vega Zaishi Wang


Draped in cashmere goat hair, this exquisitely crafted cabinet by Atelier V&F was inspired by the strength and tenderness of Gaia, the archetype of the Earth goddess. The white, fuzzy exterior conceals a blood-red interior.


Harry Nuriev Silver Finger Sofa

Harry Nuriev


For his latest collection—debuting at Design Miami/ Basel—New York-based designer Harry Nuriev embraces a retro-futuristic aesthetic. The silver eco-leather forms undulate, recalling designs of last century’s Space Age. At the same time, the collection feels entirely of the moment.


Lionel Jadot Reverso Mustang' Sofa

presented by Everyday Gallery

Mixing found objects with handcrafted elements, every object created by Belgian architect, designer, and filmmaker Lionel Jadot tells a fascinating story. Jadot’s Reverso Mustang' sofa is composed of a bed structure from the 1930s, wooden ceilings by Chistophe Gevers, the legs are Danish candlesticks from the 1960s, the armrests are made from Indian wood turning and elements of chimney stacks, the seats are made with the back seats of a 1966 Mustang GT350.


OrtaMiklos Sunset Phenomena

presented by Friedman Benda



At Design Miami/ Basel, French-Danish creative duo OrtaMiklos are debuting their latest collection, Sunset Phenomenon, inspired by graffiti, animation, and the movements of the human body—all saturated in the color palette of sunsets.


Misha Kahn Tingle Tangle Mingle Mangle

presented by Friedman Benda

This flamboyant table exemplifies New York designer Misha Kahn’s signature visual language. Obliquely inspired by the quirky, organic quality of claymation, Khan’s other-worldly soft volumes are scaffolded with slender rods—a nod to the Surrealist movement as well as the embodiment of the designer’s conviction that soft bodies should not have to interact with rigid, rectilinear forms.


Virgil Abloh Efflorescence Console

presented by Galerie kreo

This one-of-a-kind piece by Virgil Abloh is an ode to contemporary urban life. The molded concrete exalts the material that most defines the built environment of cities, and the graffiti—spray painted by the American fashion designer himself—honors the visual artform of hip hop culture.


Jaime Hayon Vase Blueto

presented by Galerie kreo

Valencia-based artist-designer Jaime Hayon is a 21st-century icon thanks to his prolific and joy-filled body of work. From the ChromaticO collection, this vessel features an oh-so-Hayon bunny face that’s been crafted on the famous glass-making island of Murano.


Hanne Friis Shiny Wave

presented by Galerie Maria Wettergren

Shiny Wave is a masterful recent work by Norwegian textile artist Hanne Friis. Profoundly organic, the viscose wall sculpture is hand-dyed by the artist with natural materials from trees, such as bark, leaves, and cones, as well as iron mordant. She then carefully hand-stitches the composition with a needle and a thread. The results are like something out of a fairy tale.

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