Spotlight on Curio: 3D Virtual Tour by Design Miami/ The global forum for collectible design

Design Miami/ presents

Spotlight on Curio

Convention Center Drive & 19th StreetMiami Beach, USA

A tour curated by Grela Orihuela, Vice President of Fairs and Ginger Wang, Associate Director of Global Exhibitions, Design Miami/

Curated by Grela Orihuela and Ginger Wang
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    Spotlight on Curio

    Curated by Grela Orihuela and Ginger Wang, VP of Fairs and Associate Director of Global Exhibitions, Design Miami/
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    Elisabetta Cipriani

    • Elisabetta Cipriani Wearable Art

    • Elisabetta Cipriani invites internationally renowned sculptors and painters to create exclusive wearable sculptures (jewelry) that come to life with the use of precious materials. The Curio will debut new works by leading Arte Povera artist Giuseppe Penone and Portuguese sculptor Leonor Antunes debuts at Design Miami/ 2022. In addition to the wearable art made by sculptors and painters, Elisabetta Cipriani will present new works by established jewelry designers such as Ute Decker, Joy BC, John Moore and Giampaolo Babetto.

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    Harry Nuriev

    • Harry Nuriev

    • For his sixth solo presentation at Design Miami/, Nuriev unveils The Trash Bag Sofa — a throne-like cluster of foam-stuffed fabric pouches that collectively resemble a mound of Hefty trash bags commonly discarded on a city sidewalk or alleyway. The “Trash Bag Sofa” is Nuriev’s ode to waste disposal as he continues his investigation into the vestiges of contemporary consumer culture.

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    Stroll Garden

    • Stroll Garden

      Los Angeles
    • Stroll Garden brings together works by Lily Clark and Raina Lee in a minimalist, Southern California-inspired garden landscape. Through their architectural fountains and tactile vessels, respectively, the artists explore elemental forces of light and texture. Lily Clark, based in Los Angeles, California, works with water as her primary medium. Her elegant, geometric ceramic fountains mimic the shapes of large-scale systems used to control and channel it.

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    • Gufram

    • With its Radical Design spirit and its non-conformist experimentation linked to aesthetic, technological and material research, GUFRAM & A$AP ROCKY present HOMMEMADE-- the collaboration starts from the design of a pattern, translated into a highly tactile 3D innovative fabric where texture is central, as in every Gufram product since its foundation. This textile is the core of this encounter: it summarizes A$AP Rocky’s DNA and identity, mixing it with Gufram’s signature softness.

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    The Village Potter Bodega by Roberto Lugo

    presented by R & Company
    • American artist, activist, educator, and spoken word poet Roberto Lugo has crafted a unique space for himself in the creative world through work that combines traditional ceramic forms with potent contemporary visuals. Enlivened with hand-wrought references to hip hop, politics, his North Philadelphia upbringing, and his Puerto Rican heritage, Lugo’s striking, museum-worthy pieces marry pop culture and clay to celebrate communities of color and call out the persisting issues of poverty and racial injustice.

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    Tuleste Factory

    • Tuleste Factory presents “Through and Through", an exploration of the color blue across a spectrum of saturation, opacities and textures. Blue is composed and not confrontational, allowing for deep contemplation and infinite possibility. These qualities have allotted the color to enjoy a distinguished status throughout history.

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