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Convention Center Drive & 19th StreetMiami Beach, USA

A tour curated by Jen Roberts, CEO, Design Miami/

Curated by Jen Roberts
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    Vase Oiseau by Suzanne Ramié

    Presented by Lebreton
    • Lebreton

      Suzanne Ramié

      Vase Oiseau
    • Suzanne Ramie was one of the key figures of the potters city of Vallauris. Her personal works revealed a sculptural perception of ceramics. Ramie conceived her sculptural innovations as an extension of her research on drawing and painting. This unique ceramic vase from 1948 is carved, glazed and stamped.

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    Talking Backwards, LALA Limo Series by Dokter and Misses

    presented by Southern Guild
    • Husband-and-wife team Adriaan Hugo and Katy Taplin are Dokter and Misses, a multi-disciplinary product design company founded in 2007. This new server, made especially for Design Miami/ 2022, is the most recent addition to Dokter and Misses’ popular LALA series of hand-painted cabinets. The piece’s simplified angular plans bristle with energy as a surreal scene of speckled eggs appears to float across their surface.

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    LOW CHAIR by Joaquim Tenreiro

    presented by Diletante42
    • Joaquim Tenreiro

    • Exemplary of Joaquim Tenreiro’s characteristic design, the care in the manufacture of wood with its perfect fittings make this chair a piece that stands out in any decor.

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    Fiore del Cielo by Sam Orlando Miller

    presented by Gallery FUMI
    • Sam Orlando Miller

      Fiore del Cielo
    • A light installation which comprises seven units made of fibreglass. The surface is first painted and then scraped, continuing Miller’s fascination with patina and surface texture. The artist, who studied Fine Art and developed craftsmanship skills by growing up in a workshop surrounded by English silversmiths, is known for his poetic use of materials, his faceted forms, and his unique methods of creating two and tri-dimensional sculptures.

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    Yellow Amphorae I & II by Giuseppe Ducrot

    presented by Twenty First Gallery
    • Giuseppe Ducrot

      Yellow Amphorae I
    • Born in Rome in 1966, Guiseppe Ducrot is the leading Italian ceramicist of his generation. A virtuoso of classical sculpture techniques, Ducrot has spent much of his career creating religious iconography in the form of marble monuments, busts, and other elements under the direction of the government of the Catholic Church in the Vatican. His talent for both figurative and ornamental styles has guided his distinctive approach to ceramics, which melds Greek and Roman influences with a riotous Baroque expressionism, often glazed with a signature shade of yellow.

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    Daybed by Khaled El Mays

    presented by Nilufar Gallery
    • Khaled El Mays

    • Atelier Khaled El Mays is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Beirut that focuses on furniture design, interior architecture and graphics. At the base of Khaled El Mays practice there is a strong sense of community and his works are produced with an array of local craftsman in the Bekaa Valley. The process is deeply organic with a predilection for natural materials such as wicker, leather and thread. This daybed is part of the Lotus Series collection.

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    Pair of armchairs by Hervé Baley

    Presented by Magen H Gallery
    • French architect and designer Hervé Baley was born in 1928. A student of free workshops at the École des Beaux-Arts between 1950 and 1954 and opposing Le Corbusier’s Modernist movement. He and French designer Dominique Zimbacca shared a passion for a humanist architecture, and the two were deeply inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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