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Convention Center Drive & 19th StreetMiami Beach, USA

Each year Design Miami/ enlists a jury of experts to review the onsite exhibitions and present the Best of Show awards. This year’s jury for Design Miami/ included architect Lee Mindel, art advisor Simon Andrews, design collector Al Eiber, Design Miami/ Vice President of Fairs Grela Orihuela, and Design Miami/ Curatorial Director Wava Carpenter.

Curated by Design Miami/ Vetting Committee
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    Best Curio Presentation

    presented by ATRA
    • ATRA

      Los Angeles, Mexico City

      A multidisciplinary design studio and furniture brand, ATRA is inspired by the future, informed by past centuries of woodworking traditions and are designing for the present and many years to come.

    • ATRA at Design Miami/

      A hypothetical date, a vision of a near-future when our way of living has drastically changed - When we no longer need to work to survive - When through technological advances, we have reached a point where our mundane lifestyle has been taken over by technology. Atra imagines in this era, our purpose of living has shifted, a time when we are, as a species, entirely dedicated to our advancement and growth. The space proposed by Atra is our vision of a future home, an ambulatory structure that is beyond the limitations of geography. Nomad not out of necessity but simply because technology allows it. Futuristic yet warm, a living room in the future, looking out over ever-changing landscapes. With video panels, we simulate a window overseeing different landscapes, changing in a time- lapse. The architecture creates a sensation of open space, close and protected from nature - all at once, a shelter and a window on the world. Selected pieces of furniture will house « biohacking » technology developed to facilitate a deep meditative state. Together with ATRA, Resonate will offer a limited edition of chairs equipped with biohacking technology that immerse, in a matter of minutes, volunteers into a state of deep meditation, generally achieved after a very long practice. Resonate revolutionary technology allows our furniture to transcend its function.

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    Best Historic Work

    presented by R & Company
    • Chest of Drawers designed by Wendell Castle, 1962

      R & Company

      Wendell Castle

      Wendell Castle - Chest of Drawers
    • One of Wendell Castle’s first signature works made at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the "Chest of Drawers" (1962) is a masterpiece that combines the calligraphic lines of Castle's early sculptures with a volumetric use of form. A horizontal structure rests on six serpentine legs, two of which extend upwards to become pull handles for the drawers. This innovative design marks Castle's departure from the formal modern art he was making at the time, to an ingenious fusion of furniture and sculpture. When the work was first exhibited in 1965, a reviewer described how "the chest with the strange drawer pulls has a conventional body set upon a number of writhing, upended cobra-like, or tendril forms that extend the height of the chest and then wave into the air." The "Chest of Drawers" was acquired by Paul Smith for the Museum of Contemporary Craft in 1966, where it remained until 1987. Since then it has been exhibited in two of Castle’s most important museum retrospectives, "Furniture by Wendell Castle" (1989) and "Wendell Castle: Wandering Forms – Works from 1959-1979.”

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    Best Contemporary Work

    presented by The Future Perfect
    • Medium Tabletop Crescent Halo Lantern by Bradley Bowers, 2021

      Bradley Bowers

      Medium Tabletop Crescent Halo Lantern
    • Bradley Bowers at Design Miami/

      Traditional boundaries and linear planes hardly contain the imagination of Bradley Bowers, the creative force and founder of the eponymous studio. After earning honors and advanced degrees from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Industrial and Furniture design, Bradley founded the Bradley L. Bowers brand in Miami’s Design District. While still a student, Bradley worked as a designer for international brands, such as Procter & Gamble, Ralph Lauren, Adriana Hoyos and Gulfstream Aerospace. It was through these diverse enterprises that Bradley refined his affinity for well-made and functional works of the highest quality. The studio blends advanced technology and cutting edge design, bridging the worlds of fashion, furniture, and culture.

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