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Walk the show floor with Design Miami/ CEO, Jen Roberts

Curated by Jen Roberts
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    Mirror Collection by Marco Zanini and Wendy Wheatley

    presented by Caterina Tognon
    • Caterina Tognon

      Marco Zanini

    • This piece is part of a unique series of mirror prototypes, designed by Wendy Wheatley and Marco Zanini and produced in 1990 by S.A.L.I.R. - Studio Ars et Labor Industrie Riunite - in Murano, Venezia at a time when the two designers were working with Studio Sottsass Associati and were taking part in the Memphis design collective.

      Jen Roberts

      CEO, Design Miami/
  • 2

    Table by Gabriella Crespi, 1970

    presented by Galerie Eric Philippe
    • Eric Philippe opened his gallery in the center of Paris in 1980. An expert in twentieth-century furniture, he specializes in European and North American design from 1920 to 1970. This table was made by Italian designer Gabriella Crespi who is best known for her sculptural furniture designs of the 1960s and 1970s.

      Jen Roberts

      CEO, Design Miami/
  • 3

    Architect's Desk by Hans J. Wegner, 1953

    presented by Dansk Møbelkunst
    • Hans J. Wegner achieved international recognition for his many chairs, yet his tables are just as expressive. Named the Architect’s Desk, this is one of Wegner’s most accomplished pieces. The work is presented by Dansk Møbelkunst Gallery, specializing in rare, original works of Danish furniture created during 1920-70.

      Jen Roberts

      CEO, Design Miami/
  • 4

    Lampe Architecturée by Suzanne Ramie, 1961

    presented by Lebreton
    • Suzanne Ramie

      Lampe Architecturée
    • Suzanne Ramie was a French ceramicist in the city of Vallauris. In 1938, Suzanne and her husband Georges Ramie moved to Vallauris and created the pottery studio Madoura. For over 25 years Picasso produced more than 3,500 original ceramics at the Madoura atelier. Suzanne Ramie's personal works revealed a sculptural perception of ceramics. This piece is presented by Lebreton, specializing in artist-designed furniture, postwar ceramics, and works of art by major French modern artists.

      Jen Roberts

      CEO, Design Miami/
  • 5

    Ammonoid Epsilon by Misha Kahn

    presented by Friedman Benda
    • Misha Kahn

      Ammonoid Epsilon
    • Through a wildly imaginative approach that embraces spontaneity and non-conformity, Kahn allows the illogical to take over his entire process. This piece is part of the Ammonoid series which refers to a group of extinct cephalopods, related to the modern-day Nautilus. Kahn’s take is distinctly two-sided, exposing a bright personality on the face, and another more complex, undulating and vulnerable one is revealed only when one’s viewpoint shifts.

      Jen Roberts

      CEO, Design Miami/
  • 6

    Trolley by Jean Royère, 1950

    presented by Galerie Chastel-Maréchal
    • Jean Royère was a groundbreaking figure in mid-twentieth century French design. This piece perfectly shows the Jean Royère’s spirit who designed elegant pieces for a refined clientele throughout his career.

      Jen Roberts

      CEO, Design Miami/

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