Basel 2022 - Design Miami/ The global forum for collectible design

Design Miami/ Basel 2022

The sixteenth edition of Design Miami/ Basel will explore the theme 'The Golden Age: Rooted in the Past' through the lens of design.

Friedman Benda
  • Misha Kahn

    Limax Cinereoniger's House Not Yours
  • Misha Kahn

    Ammonoid Epsilon
  • Misha Kahn

    The Scavenger
  • Friedman Benda

    Faye Toogood

    Maquette 270 / Wire and Card Chair
  • Carmen D’Apollonio

    I wear my sunglasses at night
  • Carmen D’Apollonio

    Have you ever been lonely
  • Carmen D’Apollonio

    Can't help falling in love
  • Jonathan Trayte

    Cola Kurri
  • Jonathan Trayte

  • Misha Kahn

    Capri Sanssouci
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