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Christophe Come

Wrought Iron Cabinet

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A designer based in Paris, Christophe Côme is the progeny of a great tradition of
artists and craftsmen. Côme studied under the French sculptor Louis Derbe where
he learned the technique of casting bronze. Côme’s original creations were sculptures
and jewelry, but towards the mid 1990s he started exploring furniture forms. After a
visit to a glass studio in1995, he began incorporating glass into his pieces. The
addition of this medium revolutionized his work.

Every piece that Côme creates is approached as if it is a work of art in the making.
Sources of inspiration for designs range from architectural wrought ironwork to
contemporary sculpture to objects found in nature. Starting with conventional iron,
he shapes and defines the forms through texture and oxidation producing
distinctive finishes. Côme pairs these objects with industrial crystal and molded
glass lenses that he often transforms through carving, melting, and slumping.
The metamorphosis of this raw industrial material through Come’s stylistic
vocabulary creates objects that transcend time.

Christophe Come


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    Glass Roundels, Moongold leafing, White gold leafing, Wrought Iron

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    121.9 x 85.1 x 49.2 cm (48.0 x 33.5 x 19.4 in)

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