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Chris Wolston

Tropicana Mirror

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Chris Wolston’s time in Colombia has spawned new work created by sand casting aluminum and this piece is no different. This mirror features an exterior of exuberantly covered tropical motifs that have been artfully formed in place. Like earlier collections, the work has a puzzle-like feel with intricate motifs that come together to create a strong visual impact. Wolston’s new furniture conveys his distinct narrative voice by employing aluminum pieces, based on hand illustrations, to present a tactile and compelling design statement. Drawing on his interest in ancient influences and postmodern fabrication, Wolston introduces a new aesthetic vernacular that offers each beholder a different, almost instinctual translation.

Chris Wolston


Chris Wolston is an American artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York and Medellín, Colombia. His playfully fabricated work--which spans furniture, lighting, seating, and accessories--rigorously blends traditional techniques and materials with a wry, contemporary realism, arriving at an entirely original postmodern aesthetic, imbued with charm and technical sophistication.

  • Material/

    Aluminum, Glass

  • Dimension/

    3.2 x 102.6 x 87.9 cm (1.3 x 40.4 x 34.6 in)

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