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Ted Noten

Ted Noten Drawer's Delight 7

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Previously exhibited at Shanghai 2021.

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Ted Noten’s work has always crossed between design and art. Is it an
artwork or a functional piece (often a suitcase or handbag)… The “Drawers” he created in
2016/2017 reference his bags, but they speak to ideas of fashion and luxury of the jewelry world,
treasures that one is reunited with when opening a drawer whose contents have been forgotten,
while packaging these gems in a no-longer wearable fashion, they lose their function to become a
stunning composition to behold.


acrylic handle

Ted Noten


Ted Noten is one of the most innovative je wellery designers working in the Netherlands toda y.With seemingly effortless ease he is one of the very f ew who manages t o v entur e in to pr ojects that fall underthe heading of product design. Thus Noten t eamed up for se veral projects with Droog Design and haspresen ted his spoils at the Furniture Design Fair in Milan. Similarly, during a stint working at he EuropeanCer amic Centre he e xperimented with ceramic dinner sets. For other projects he sought out artists to workwith. Yet it is essential that Noten emphatically and symp toma tically keeps coming down on the side of design,and more specifically for design that employs, f eeds off and expresses itself in terms of jewellery design.Bec ause it is from this inside track of the craft that he comments on what jeweller y design actually is and thathe is able to bes t challenge representativ es operating in other areas of the Arts.In r ecen t year s Ted Noten has crea ted w ork for privat e c ollectors, loc al councils, art institutions etc. A br oadspectrum of galleries and museum collections now r epresent his oeuvre. The designer initiated some of theseprojects, only to be adopted la ter b y a museum, as was the case for e xample with ‘Chew y our o wn br ooch’ .With a little help from the chewing gum he hands out, everybody can become a jewellery designer; simply byche wing the gooe y sub stance into a shape the craftsman then casts either in silver, br onz e or g old. One of theev ents at which Noten manifes ted himself with this project was an open day a t the Boijmans Museum, whenhundreds of people filed through the museum, chewing their wa y t o a design.

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    22.9 x 4.8 x 23.2 cm (9.0 x 1.9 x 9.1 in)

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