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Marie Piselli

TIPI: Let Light Be

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Previously exhibited at Basel 2022.

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DROP CAKE- Recycled material

A TIPI stimulates the imagination, develops a sense of adventure. This nomadic dwelling allows you to create your universe in a secret space that is ours.
Passed against the tide of the times, fragile and resistant simultaneously, it always remains upright despite the storms and does not fear the attacks of wild animals thirsty for blood.
It is the habitat of immersive experiences: entering and staying there, even for a moment, allows you to disconnect from the madness of the world, to get back to basics in the simplicity of a universe where time retains its movement to give way to harmony and Rebirth.
Today I offer it to all refugees who are victims of cruel wars and to those whom society has forgotten along the way.

Marie Piselli is an experienced French visual artist who lives and works in Paris. Armed with her creative and artistic emotion facing the understanding of “Being in the world,” the artist has worked for many years to imagine Tomorrow. She observed our “human anthills,” our “urban cribs,” and built a dense and powerful artistic work on the Human Footprint. Her work is contemporary; her art appeals to our senses and inevitably draws us into the future. Her painting, stencils, felt- tip drawings, sculptures, and installations are all areas where she captures the emotion and the strength of feelings, telling us her philosophical reflections on moments in life. Her work purposely tells of chosen moments, of intimate gestations with an apparent lightness that is not at all innocent but which raises questions and offers a genuine artistic exchange beyond the borders of our daily life. Imbued with limitless inventiveness and ideas, Marie Piselli has a vital need to inject art into everything that surrounds her. She overflows with extraordinary creative energy, which leads her to leave her mark, her artistic DNA, on multiple mediums.

Marie Piselli


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    Blue, White, Yellow

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    40.0 x 84.0 x 40.0 cm (15.7 x 33.1 x 15.7 in)

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