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Jean-Christophe Malaval

Symphonie I


Their creations are worn like a lambent flame, creatures, playing lightly and gracefully between my fingers, shimmering upon my skin. Beautiful pieces, without age honed in hommage of the natural world.

Jean-Christophe Malaval


Jean-Christophe Malaval designs extraordinary jewels. His silver rings, veritable sculptures, come to life on the hand. They can disappear from the view of the wearer whilst mesmerising the onlooker. Free of angles, the rings are comfortable and light regardless of their volume. Malaval draws his inspiration from science fiction and mythology, creating works with organic and aquatic lines. Architecture also serves as an inspiration which he explores: grids giving rhythm and structure to aerial forms, materialising them as if to prevent them from taking off too quickly. The silver he uses is a polymorphic and timeless material, allowing him to play with both light and darkness, bestowing his rings with the patina of time that he chooses to give them. Light caresses his sculptures, penetrating areas of darkness, to emerge with brilliance.

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    Gold, Silver

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