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Art Deco Gallery Shanghai

Ding Yi

Straight lines and arcs

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Origin is the theme of our exhibition. As a tribute to the origins of contemporary Art Deco design, our exhibition displays a series of collectible furniture pieces, such as sofas, tables, and chairs, as well as closets and dressing tables. Each piece has a unique Shanghai character. They are all living documents of design history. In order to give the audience a more immersive viewing experience, the exhibition presents the furniture in the form of theater, with each piece performing a “role”, either as a protagonist or a supporting character. Each “role” has a different script. We hope to create a dramatic stage.

Ding Yi

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  • Material/

    works on paper

  • Dimension/

    75.0 x 96.0 x 55.0 cm (29.5 x 37.8 x 21.7 in)

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  • Art Deco Gallery Shanghai

    Ding Yi

  • Art Deco Gallery Shanghai

    Ding Yi

  • Art Deco Gallery Shanghai

    Ding Yi


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