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Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl

Spatial Drawing #64

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In a general sense, Kaldahl’s contrasts stem from the tension between lightness and heaviness. His overall idea begins as a loose line drawing — a doodle, a knot — inspiration from the commonplace and often overlooked forms of everyday life, like a piece of string that has fallen on the floor and happened to twist itself into an interesting shape. Or a freeway interchange Kaldahl takes from Google Earth and manipulates into a drawing as a basis for sculpting. Sometimes he spends months unraveling a mystery, exploring the knots and visualizing them in clay as he ponders his options for translating the lines into form.
Kaldahl prefers it when a conceptual phase takes him into uncharted territory, out of his comfort zone and into an intuitive place of freedom, where a persistent strand of an idea begins to take shape and is transformed in its passage from mind to hands into sections of clay tube — manipulated, angled and twisted inch by inch, until form emerges. This is where the weightiness comes in. The challenge is to achieve the intuitive lightness of the line drawing while adding expressive weight to the meticulously constructed form of the living material. The sense of weight is positive and deliberate. A ceramic statement that insists on being an embodied and impactful presence in space. An encounter that requires our receptive presence. This is Kaldahl’s ambition: to create works of art that are felt by us without reservation and premeditated bias, from the uncomplicated lines of a drawing to the intricate knots and twists of clay. Scaled up in size and taking up room, they are sculptures of intrinsic proportions that actually weigh something — “Spatial Drawings” imbued with the focused, intuitive presence that created them.


Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl


Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl (born 1954) lives and works in Copenhagen. He was educated at the Royal College of Art in London (MA, 1990). His works is represented in international museums and private collections e.g. V&A Museum, London; Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Paris; National Museum, Oslo; Röhsska Museum, Sweden; Designmuseum Denmark, DK; Trapholt Art Museum, DK; CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art, DK; MIMA, Middlesborough, UK; Diane and Marc Grainer Collection, Washington DC; Annie and Otto Johs Detlefs Foundation, Denmark. Recent exhibitions include Bend, Bubble and Shine, Hostler Burrows Gallery; New York City, 2021; Maison Louis Carré, Paris, 2021; Ceramic Momentum – Staging the Object, CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art, Denmark, 2019; Five Cubed, Taste Contemporary Gallery, Geneva, 2019; MarsdenWoo Gallery, London, 2019.

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    41.9 x 22.9 x 148.0 cm (16.5 x 9.0 x 58.3 in)

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