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Shaker Sewing Counter


This diminutive Sewing Counter was created in the mid-19th century by the Shaker cabinetmakers of Hancock, Massachusetts. Historic photographs attest that this style of work surface was used by the Sisters in their retiring rooms, or bedrooms, for darning, knitting, and other handheld piecework. ¶ Comprised of a paneled case, quarter-round molded lip drawers that are dovetailed on the front and back, and square-to-round turned legs with transitional collars, this piece is emblematic of the fine craftsmanship practiced by the Hancock Shakers. The expandable pull-out worksurface and rear drop leaf, which is supported by a wrought iron swinging bracket, place functionality on par with the beauty of the Counter’s design. At one time, this Sewing Counter was painted entirely chrome yellow—a signature color of the Shakers.

Materials: cherry.

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    41.9 x 68.0 x 90.8 cm (16.5 x 26.8 x 35.7 in)

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    NY, USA

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