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John Keith Russell

Shaker Light Stand

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A design icon, the timeless beauty of the Shaker Light Stand comes from its complete lack of ornamentation. A round work surface is supported by an elongated wine-bottle post that gracefully transitions into three tapered spider legs. Seemingly flowing out of the post, the legs are fitted into the post with elongated vertical dovetails. ¶ The classic Shaker spiderleg stands were created for the Great House, which was the communal dwelling of the New Lebanon, New York, Church Family Shakers. As the center of Shaker governance, the architecture and furnishings of the Great House represented the apex of Shaker design. According to the Millennial Laws (1845), “one or two stands” must furnish every retiring room. Sadly, little documentation exists due to a fire that destroyed the Great House on February 6, 1875. ¶ Cherry, old or original stain and varnish surface. A spiderleg Church Family Light Stand is the zenith of any important Shaker collection, and this is a particularly fine example. ¶ Provenance: Milton Sherman, Armonk, NY

John Keith Russell


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    50.0 x 66.0 x 50.0 cm (19.7 x 26.0 x 19.7 in)

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    New York, USA

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