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The SEPTEM Sculpture by Marcela Cure is a celebratory acknowledgement of pride and paradoxical multidimensionality in womanhood. With a set of seven irregular, upward, hand-sculpted and hand-cast legs in resin and stone composite, Marcela juxtaposes raw, seemingly immutable and restraining materiality, with flexibility, freedom, movement, solidarity, and balance. The meditative process of sculpting and casting each individual piece, is permissive and forgiving of their own traits and scars, made even more relevant and visible through a concept of strength in numbers. The sculpture, with its analogical and predictable functionality, is made possible via its categorization of a supportive side-table, resulting in an evocative study of what it means to be a woman in the current context and the shared, almost encrypted pride that comes with it. The number seven alludes to perceived “wholeness and perfection”, a concept that creates space for repetition and renewal, as do every seven days in a calendar week.

Marcela Cure


"Marcela Cure was born in Barranquilla, Colombia in 1981. As the daughter of an artist mother, Marcela’s upbringing was one of creative incitement, further permeated by Barranquilla’s folklore and intensity. After graduating from engineering, Cure began to organically gravitate towards interior design and work on commissioned projects. Her eclectic, upbeat, and Latin-rooted interpretations of contemporaneity across residential and hospitality projects were a canvas to her subsequent sculptural explorations.

The incorporation of collectible design pieces in Marcela’s studio broadened and established her practice as a multidimensional exercise in design. Simultaneously, it introduced almost paradoxical studies of craft in geometry and femininity in materiality. To this day, Cure resorts to concrete-resin composites as her main medium and also navigates her hand-sculpted and hand-cast work with woods, marbles, and stone. Her thematic focus constantly revisits -but is not limited to- the human body and the celebration of female strength, with the juxtaposition of architectural angles to subtle sensualities.

Marcela’s work has been featured on Architectural Digest, Surface Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and others. "

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