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Max Lamb

Scrap Poly Blue Chair

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A meticulous hoarder, Max Lamb utilizes all his residue, as “every little bit of material is precious and has potential.” As assemblage of random offcuts, the nature of the scraps dictate each form. This chair is sprayed in a high-density polyurethane rubber coating to form a permanent, waterproof exoskeleton over the fragile polystyrene, making these works functional both indoors and outdoors. Lamb has chosen a primary mineral color – lapis lazuli. The blue is a standard “off the shelf” unadulterated color – “straight out of the tin.” Lamb enjoys the duality of a practice that combines the fundamentals of nature with the synthetic.


Max Lamb


Max Lamb is a British furniture designer who combines traditional, often primitive, design methods with digital design. He is known for employing unusual approaches to using natural materials, including pouring pewter onto sand, and volcanic rock.

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    55.9 x 86.4 x 36.8 cm (22.0 x 34.0 x 14.5 in)

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    United Kingdom

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