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Paulo Werneck

Santos Table



The Santos Coffee Table is a reinterpretation of Paulo Werneck’s mosaic mural for a Banco do Brasil branch in Santos, São Paulo, ca.1960. The weather-resistant base is made in powder-coated aluminum with a bronze finish and the tesserae are vintage from VIDROTIL. The base design in metal is from Werneck’s archives.

Paulo Werneck


Paulo Werneck
Self-taught, highly skilled, and attracted to challenges and experimentation, Paulo Werneck became a leading Brazilian muralist after joining Oscar Niemeyer and a group of foremost artists in the design of the Pampulha Neighborhood Project in 1942. Niemeyer designed the buildings and Werneck designed mosaic murals for both interiors and exteriors. These Pampulha mosaic murals were the first works of abstract art in Brazil for public consumption. In his early work as a mosaic muralist, he decided to try mosaics in pursuit of reviving an ancient technique that had been abandoned for centuries. Unlike most muralists, who have specialized studios, his work was produced by a small team in his own atelier, where he embraced the dual roles of artist and artisan. He was convinced that art was a public asset and devoted himself to bringing art and life in closer contact.

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    71.4 x 35.6 x 114.6 cm (28.1 x 14.0 x 45.1 in)

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    San Paulo

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