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Ian Felton

Sacha Side Chair



The Sacha Side Chair is quite a simple piece. It’s an occasional seating device atop a small oak root system as its base. Its goal is quite passive; it is not a chair to get lost in – while comfortable, its posture is slightly upright and its footprint conservative, encouraging that whatever function needs to be performed, it be done consciously and with intention.

Ian Felton


"Ian Felton is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, living and working out of Lower Manhattan, specializing in collectible design. He launched his eponymous studio in 2018 at Galerie Michael Bargo and has since evolved his practice to not only include unique and editioned pieces of collectible design, but also interior design as well.

At the heart of his collectible design practice, Ian’s goal is to create sculptural objects that radiate both history and spirit - drawing loose inspiration from nascent societies that harnessed a more elevated understanding of object meaning. Objects and spaces have lost this sense of simplified animism, Ian believes - and he strives to interject a bit more of that spirit into the mix. His most recent showings of work were at Nomad Circle in St. Moritz with Unno Gallery and in Lisbon Portugal with Garce & Dimofski.

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