gt2P - Remolten N2: Self Organization Mirror, Osorno Volcano - Friedman Benda - Design Miami/
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Remolten N2: Self Organization Mirror, Osorno Volcano

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Harvested from Chile’s chain of 2,000 volcanoes, the second largest and most active chain in the world, gt2P’s widely acclaimed series features a sculptural manipulation of re-molten petrified lavaOriginating from their parametric physical methodology (paracrafting) research project, Remolten demonstrates gt2P’s constant interaction of process and material. A series that continues to evolve, Remolten has been the antecedent of the Less CPP N2: Lava vs. Porcelain lighting project as well as the genesis of a broad range of applications. Remolten was nominated for London Design Museum’s Beazley Design of the Year award in 2017 and is now held in key museum collections worldwide.


Volcanic lava, bronzed mirror



Gt2p is a studio involved in projects of architecture, art and design. It's based out of Santiago, Chile, and works in a continuous process of research and experimentation in digital crafting, "promoting new encounters between the technologies for projecting and the richness of the local expressed in traditional materials and techniques." "Our work methodology has two dimensions. First, we seek to systematize knowledge and observation, whether of natural, artificial, geometric or spatial, phenomena, through generative algorithms. Here parametric design is a tool to guide the planning of projects that we carry out, enabling the integration of its stages of design, development and production." - Gt2p

  • Color/

    Black, Bronze

  • Dimension/

    40.5 x 5.0 x 40.5 cm (15.9 x 2.0 x 15.9 in)

  • Heritage/


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