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Haas Brothers

Reach-able Moment



The Reach-able Moment is scouting for more than food but rather the result of patience, love, and dedication. It behaves like humans — looking up to the sky and trying to find something more profound. A reason for being or an abstract philosophy? The answer is waiting for the viewers to unveil.

Materials: Brass, LED Light.

Haas Brothers


Since founding The Haas Brothers in 2010, twin brothers Nikolai and Simon (b.1984; Austin, TX) have spurned arbitrary artistic boundaries and hierarchies, creating a playful and provocative world that merges art, fashion, film, music, and design. Their work explores aesthetic themes related to nature, science fiction, sexuality, and psychedelia in materials that range from brass, porcelain, and fur, to highly technical resins and polyurethane.

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    103.0 x 213.0 x 208.0 cm (40.6 x 83.9 x 81.9 in)

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    United States

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