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Juan Garrido, Paloma Garrido


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24 karat champagne gold-plated brass. Edition No.: 2/8 

ounded by Damian Garrido in 1955, GARRIDO has a world-renown reputation for fusing innovative design with superlative craftsmanship. Damian Garrido embarked on a career as a silversmith when he was just 12 years old: learning the craft by studying Spanish Old Masters, and working at ateliers run by renowned Spanish silversmiths: Luis Espunes, Viuda de Lopez and Jose Mir. After finishing professional training as a master engraver and draughtsman at the School of Arts and Crafts, he became one of the youngest members of the silversmith gild. At the age of 24, Damian’s atelier opened its doors, the brand ethos of which was, and remains, transcending craftsmanship and extraordinary design. Damian’s reputation as a master silversmith developed as a result of his commitment to the craft. He spent years on a Grand Tour around Europe studying British, Italian, French and German Masters. An eager scholar of Western silverware, Damian not only broadened his visual vocabulary by emulating the Old Masters but also developed his own unique style. The success of which, he owes to the rich technical and stylistic repertoire acquired during his travels. The new stage of GARRIDO oeuvre was marked by Juan and Paloma joining their father in the atelier in 1990. The second generation of Garrido brought with them a new stylistic direction, Juan & Paloma Garrido at the workshop characterized by the creation of objects with a tactile finish, appealing to the sense of touch and sight. The designs fuse function and practicality while great emphasis is placed on the enduring aesthetic appeal. Harnessing both traditional and modern disciplines, and combining a broad spectrum of silverware techniques and influences, the overall second generation GARRIDO look is elegant modernity.
Adhering to GARRIDO’s commitment to fine craftsmanship, every element of the design is created in Spain. Only the finest materials are used for designs, handcrafted in precious metals: gold, silver or brass, and finished with hand embossed textures or specialist hand- polish finish. The workshop takes pride in training master craftsmen to ensure the highest quality of products and the continuation of traditional Spanish art of silverware.

Juan Garrido


Paloma Garrido


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    130.5 x 49.0 x 70.0 cm (51.4 x 19.3 x 27.6 in)

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