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Practice Chair

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Previously exhibited at Shanghai 2021.

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The series “Animal chairs”, as with most of Zhou Yilun’s work, are not intended for utility, instead they are a search for abstraction and an antidote to boredom. The artist sources a variety of discarded plastics from various factories. The work emphasises that the era we live in now is an era of the omnipresent plastics. PVC, polyethylene, various polymers and petroleum extracts can be found everywhere. Although these materials are not environmentally friendly, they are symbolic of the times we live in. While the process of recycling them would entail greater energy consumption, through Zhou Yilun’s work the material are allowed to experience a rebirth as a whimsical statement. The process of producing the furniture involves modelling small mockups with plasticine. These are then 3D scanned and sent to a factory to carve the desired geometry from the high density foam. The artist then uses a layer of resin coating on the outside to bring a composition of colour to each piece. The “Animal chairs” series aims to present a commentary on society’s obsession with tangible objects and consumerism. Zhou Yilun believes so-called artworks no longer exist and instead everything the individual creates, whether a painting or a piece of furniture, is a product intended to produce a profit. He says “ I am not rebellious anymore. The real rebellion in this era is to give up making money. I have a monthly mortgage, I am not rebellious at all. I am in fact, very obedient.”



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    76.0 x 94.0 x 137.0 cm (29.9 x 37.0 x 53.9 in)

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