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Feyza Kemahlioglu

Pillars of Meerschaum: Sunset Drive Collection

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Feyza Kemahlioglu’s unique lighting collection Pillars of Meerschaum is inspired by the architecture and culture of her native Istanbul. Meerschaum (German for seafoam) is a soft white clay mineral found mainly in Eskisehir, a small city in central Turkey. Master Turkish craftsman carve the meerschaum with intricate patterns and perforations to diffuse the light, which is then combined with blown glass and brass elements created in New York. The addition of cane and gold leaf complements the detailing of the meerschaum. By taking these ancient materials and giving them a contemporary aesthetic and function, Feyza marries the old and the new to create timeless designs that are studies in the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity.

Feyza Kemahlioglu


  • Color/


  • Edition/


  • Material/

    Brass, Glass, Stone

  • Dimension/

    152.4 x 289.6 x 274.3 cm (60.0 x 114.0 x 108.0 in)

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  • Heritage/


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    Philadelphia, PA

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