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Erin Turkoglu

Erin Turkoglu

Pillar Vase

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Pillar Vase takes inspiration from the ancient human-made rock formations. It references the ancient architecture and the human touch in carved stones. The sculptural vase displays flowers in a horizontal fan-like alignment and the electric blue porcelain brings out the natural hues of flowers.

The Pillar Vase is handmade, signed and numbered by the artist in Helsinki, Finland.

Each vase is unique and has slightly different details due to the making-process.

Erin Turkoglu


Erin Turkoglu is a Helsinki based artist and designer, working with the subtlety of material and color. She works in her Helsinki studio with a hands-on process mainly with ceramic materials. Inspired by architecture, poetry, and most importantly the making process itself, she creates otherworldly objects that exist somewhere in-between art and design. She takes cues from archetypal forms, industrial processes, and merges them with experimental materials and new approaches to her chosen medium. Erin's work investigates her subconscious relationship to color and form in order to weave narratives through objects that exist somewhere between art and function.

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    19.4 x 25.9 x 22.9 cm (7.6 x 10.2 x 9.0 in)

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