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Paul Evans

Paul Evans for Paul Evans Studio Deep Relief Cabinet

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Paul Evans handcrafted “Deep Relief” Brutalist cabinet with welded and polychromed steel doors in shades of red, gold, green and bronze is a stunning design. A relief of vertical fragments structures the two doors of this sideboard. Highlighted by the color changes the haptic design has a great appearance. On the top slate, inlays are combined with the nailed metal surface. Evans’ signature is situated under the first door on the left stating “Paul Evans 69″.
Paul Evans (1931-1987) was among one of the most important American Studio Craft Movement members. Born in Newton, Pennsylvania, Evans studied at a few different institutions but was eventually drawn to New Hope, Pennsylvania, in 1955. Here, he collaborated and shared a showroom with Phillip Lloyd Powell until 1966. During this period, he started to create furniture with metal and sculpture by which he manipulated materials to achieve expressive surface effects. In 1964, Evans started working for the Directional Furniture company where he pursued a new phase of his career. Directional offered him new opportunities for selling his work throughout the US and he continuously introduced new lines. However, his line proved to be too expensive and by the end of the seventies, he ended his relationship with the company. It was also throughout the seventies that Evans started to replace these crusty, textured surfaced, that were patinated with paint and acid, with dazzling, reflective metal surfaces that were sometimes mixed with woods. Evans’ oeuvre has an impressive size especially when regarding all pieces were handmade.

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Paul Evans


  • Color/

    Black, Brown, Red

  • Exclusive/


  • Material/

    cleft slate, laminated wood, patinated and polychromed steel, Welded

  • Dimension/

    244.0 x 82.0 x 56.0 cm (96.1 x 32.3 x 22.0 in)

  • Style/


  • Heritage/

    United States

  • Ships from/


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