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Edith Lundebrekke

Ornament/Cube II



Edith Lundebrekke presents a concept specifically developed for Design Miami/ Basel. A complete installation of large unique reliefs of wooden bars mounted directly on the wall of the booth – a three-dimensional installation with a striking visual effect. Colors are a key element in the works, creating changing experiences in interaction with the environment and the spectator, as the perception of the work changes through the spectator’s movement. The reliefs can be assembled and customized in numerous ways. Ornament and patterns are the starting point for all of Lundebrekke’s artworks. Through repetition, rotation, and reflection of simple elements, symmetrical patterns and formations appear. These elements can be arranged and placed in new ways and take on new forms and constellations, all in relation to context and place. New contexts create new expressions.

Birch Wood.

Edith Lundebrekke

Edith Lundebrekke


Edith Lundebrekke, born in 1959 in Trondheim, graduated with a master's degree in 1992 from the Department of Textiles at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Ornament and pattern are common denominators in her art. Through a number of exhibitions and public art commissions she has explored this both in relation to architectural spaces and in various materials. She has held several solo and group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. Lundebrekke is represented in art collections in many of Norway's leading art institutions and she has been awarded several major commissions, including Hospitals, Airports, Churches, Schools, Public Squares, Embassies, and Government Representational Facility.. Lundebrekke showed work in Galleri Format Oslo’s booth at Design Miami / Basel 2021.

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    x 240.0 x 250.0 cm ( x 94.5 x 98.4 in)

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