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Ovidi Benet

Colorful rug - Opticks by Ovidi Benet



The piece is conceived as a generator of the epicenter in space, worked as a limited and serial edition piece, it belongs to the Opticks series, in which the designer through radical natural and light effects, such as the Grand Prysmatic Spring of Yellowstone, turns visual epiphanies of the natural world into design objects.


Ovidi Benet


He was born in the 90s and a designer by training, his main line of work is the questioning of the function and form of objects, of the bases of design itself, in order to promote new expressions and pose questions and answers in the context of current society.

It is a vision in which the object transforms the space and our way of living it, approaching design from a psychological point of view and capable of generating atmospheres that speak of nature, fiction and visual and iconic excesses.

Ovidi Benet


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    1.2 x 330.0 x 230.0 cm (0.5 x 129.9 x 90.6 in)

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