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Toni Losey


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Toni Losey’s work hums with an underlying current of repetition, rhythm and organization. Her work begins on the wheel, a place of comfort and meditation where countless “building blocks” for her sculptures are born. The patterns found in her work start to take form in this earliest of stages as ware boards fill with soon to be appendages, arranged from smallest to largest. This organization and pattern from the wheel finds its way into the work. Losey intuitively builds sculptural forms from this multitude of pieces, mirroring the patterns of growth found in nature. These works evolve within a set of rules developed from her personal interpretation of the natural world. Losey, born in the Canadian prairies in 1977, now lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She attended The Alberta University of the Arts in 1999-2000 and received her degree from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2017.

Toni Losey


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    Earthenware, Porcelain

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    14.0 x 21.6 x 14.0 cm (5.5 x 8.5 x 5.5 in)

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