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Nika Zupanc

Nika Zupanc 88 Secrets Sideboard Jade Oro



Inspired by the 88 constellations of the stars, 88 Secrets Sideboard Jade Oro is a cabinet in sensuous, feminine lines with luxurious metal trims in gold. A statement piece in any interior space!
Slovenian product and interior designer Nika Zupanc became a globally recognized name with the launch of the Lolita lamp, her first object to be produced by Moooi. Nika Zupanc‚Äôs works bring inspiring reports from the outer frontiers of technologies, materials and possibilities. Her product design collaborations include distinguished design companies such as Moooi, Se and Dior. Zupanc creates limited edition collections for Rossana Orlandi, while continuing to design her own brand. Since emerging at the Milan design week she has been closely watched by the industry and the press, describing her work as everything from ‚Äúpunk elegance‚Äù (Elle Decor US) and ‚Äútechno chic‚Äù (Businessweek) to ‚Äúlarger than life‚Äù (Clear_Magazine) and “”Zupanc as the real star‚Äù (The Wall Street Journal).
An exclusive collaboration with Scarlett Splendour, ‚Äãthis sideboard is meticulously crafted by fine craftsman in India using exemplary techniques. It re-imagines the way traditional and natural components, like metal and wood, can be implemented in furniture in a path breaking way.
Designed as a sideboard for storage, the colors and dimensions can be customized in a limited way upon consultation/approval from the designer

Nika Zupanc


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