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Madoda Fani

Mpondo Zophukile (Broken Horns)

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Previously shown at Miami 2021.

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The patterned incisions that have defined Madoda Fani’s work to date armour this hand-coiled works, their contours are articulated by concentric lines carved into the clay, finished with detailed markings and studded protrusions, whose repetition lends the surfaces a mesmerising rhythm.
In a traditional Xhosa ceremony following Madoda Fani’s late grandfather’s passing, it is customary that when a cow is slaughtered as an ancestral offering, oner must break the animal’s horns. It is believed that their sharp points make them a danger. This is the inspiration behind Mpondo Zophukile (Broken Horns).


Madoda Fani


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    55.0 x 90.0 x 52.0 cm (21.7 x 35.4 x 20.5 in)

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    South Africa

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    South Africa

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