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James Quinaz

James Quinaz

Mira de Aire Pedestal

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The Mira de Aire collection was inspired by stalactites. Its design is both elegant and cozy as geometric lines meet warm white oak. The butcher’s block top is familiar and versatile, while the peaks underneath add mystery and a wisp of humor.

Stalactites are beautiful natural structures that form as drops of water redistribute minerals over time. To evoke that process, the blocks are made by hand in a rhythmic marathon of cuts that can last entire days. The blocks are then brushed with glue and joined with a thin poplar insert for structural support.


James Quinaz


Quinaz Studio is a furniture design and art studio featuring the work of James Quinaz. All creations are made by hand in Miami, FL through production practices that minimize the use of harmful chemicals and materials. The studio’s first exhibit, BAY STORE, debuted in the Miami Design District in June 2021 and featured furniture made on-site using only materials collected by hand from Biscayne Bay and the Miami River. Founded by longtime friends James Quinaz and David Harrison, Quinaz Studio seeks to employ art and design as a catalyst for positive social change.

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    31.8 x 132.1 x 31.8 cm (12.5 x 52.0 x 12.5 in)

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