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Mathias Bengtsson

Membrane Table

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Membrane Low Table is Mathias Bengtsson’s latest opus, and should be considered as an experiment in marble, pushing the material possibilities to the maximum; a sublime experiment with material and form by the Danish pioneering designer. In the words of the artist…"marble is fascinating because it comes alive the more it is worked with, becoming more and more tactile, and soft to the eye and touch." The form of the Membrane Low Table is made from a digital seed, mimicking its growth, blooming into leaves or membranes, organically creating a table surface. Afterwards, it is made by CNC and hand carved and polished by skilled artisans. Each piece has its own organic variations, and no one is the other alike; like snapshots of organic structures stopped in their growth.

Mathias Bengtsson


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    96.0 x 40.0 x 188.0 cm (37.8 x 15.7 x 74.0 in)

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