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Moa Håkansson’s artistic praxis revolves around existential questions. Her work process is investigative. She is interested in the human being as a whole: a unit of biological, psychological, cultural, and historical phenomena. Håkansson presents abstract ceramic sculptures where the visual language is organic and hints at plants, animals, internal organs, and biological processes. The primary material is clay. By building and installing her own universe Håkansson constructs narratives. Many of the artworks appear as individual creatures interacting with each other.

Moa Håkansson


Moa Håkansson lives and works in Oslo. She holds a Master of Fine Arts (2016) from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway, where she currently works as a university lecturer. Håkansson has held a solo exhibition at Nääs konsthantverk (2019) in Floda, Sweden, and participated in a number of group exhibitions in Europe such as The Annual Exhibition of The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts (2020) in Tromsø, (2017) Trondheim, (2016) Fredrikstad and (2014) Bergen, Norway, Talente (2018) in Munich, Germany, Everything is connected (2017) during Milan design week, Italy, The Annual Spring Exhibition (2015) in Copenhagen, Denmark, and The National Annual Autumn Exhibition (2014) in Oslo, Norway. She was also one of the participants in the project Nordic Hands (2018) in Aarhus, Denmark.

  • Color/

    Brown, Pink

  • Exclusive/


  • Material/

    ceramics, Clay

  • Dimension/

    20.0 x 34.0 x 21.1 cm (7.9 x 13.4 x 8.3 in)

  • Heritage/


  • Ships from/

    Oslo, Norway

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