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Jordan Keaney

Luna Lamp

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The Luna Lamp was designed as it’s name would suggest, while gazing up at the moon for inspiration, that’s exaclty where Designer Jordan Keaney found it. With a simple philosophy that revolves around balancing texture with form, the Luna Lamp with it’s highly tectured porous body, takes a simple cuboid shape, sitting on top of a cold steel base. This functional sculpture can be turned on simply by touching your finger against the metallic base, with 3 different settings for light intensity, providing light for anything from lighting up a room all the way down to setting a mood. The Luna Lamp can come in a variety of colours upon request.

Jordan Keaney


Born in London, Jordan Keaney grew up with two parents in recruitment who didn't encourage creativity, with the view that it was an uncertain path to go down. He would frequently experiment with making products from items he would find in dumpsters or scrap yards and later build his own workshop in his garden to progress said products. He later went to university to study product design, and before graduating had secured a commission from the British Council of Art and Design, to work at the Architecture and Art Biennale in Venice, Italy. It was there in Venice that Jordan Designed the table that kicked off his career, Coda, a wonderfully poetic side table that resembles the tail of a gondola in a minimalistic fashion. Coda was then brought to the RIBA Gallery in Liverpool where it was exhibited for 6 months due to its popularity. Following the success of Coda, Keaney was commissioned to carry out work for London Design Festival, and eventually the ICFF Exhibition in New York City, with each collection he released growing in size and popularity. Now running his own multidisciplinary studio in London, working with some of the cities finest artisans and craftspeople, and through the research and development of many exciting new materials and manufacturing methods, he aims to bring beauty to the homes of many, with what he calls his 'Functional Sculptures'.

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    10.0 x 24.0 x 10.0 cm (3.9 x 9.4 x 3.9 in)

  • Style/

    Organic Modern

  • Heritage/

    United Kingdom

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    London, UK

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