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Rogan Gregory

Love mirror


Materials: gypsum.

Rogan Gregory


Rogan Gregory’s (b. 1972) work reflects his life-long interest in abstract forms, geology, ecological systems, evolutionary biology, and the impact of humans on the natural environment. Inspired by the ways in which elements and the continuum of time shape our world, Gregory works repetitively, emulating the recurring developmental processes of life.

He meditates on line and proportion to achieve incongruous balance and asymmetrical harmony, ultimate truths in nature. Gregory works in a wide range of time-honored materials such as stone, bronze and wood. He pairs these known materials with those less familiar to develop aggregated surfaces that elude simple classification. This experimentation allows the artist to develop a unique aesthetic, unlike that of any artist working today.

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    109.2 x x 114.3 cm (43.0 x x 45.0 in)

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    California, USA

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    New York

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