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Line Depping

Thinking Desk

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Previously exhibited at Basel 2021.

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The exquisite “Thinking Desk & Chair” in solid maple by the Danish designer Line Depping represent an homage to the poet. Minimalistic, yet sensuous, these refined pieces exude an obvious sensitivity and attention to process. Line Depping thrives to find an interesting, insistant form, which is handcrafted with a great sense of intuition, playfulness and touch of the hand, inviting the viewer to further explore the object. With a penchant for wood and the processing possibilities that lie within, she continues to explore the qualities of steam bent or solid wood. The material provides a perfect base for Line Depping’s works and she finds excitement in simplicity and cutting to the core.

Solid maple.

Line Depping


Line Depping’s work springs from considerations of function and use. For Line Depping, it is crucial to see a good reason to create a new piece of furniture; an opportunity to add something to an object that expands its usefulness.

Her ideas for new designs often spring from observations of people and culture. The way we live. Her expression is simple, and her emphasis on function also involves making room for disorder in order to accommodate the messy and chaotic aspects of life. The form should be natural and well-proportioned and thus appeal to the user and make room for use.
Line Depping has a special focus on materials. She mainly works with wood but often adds other materials to provide a counterpoint to the wood. By combining different materials she achieves a field of tension between the textural qualities of the materials.

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    42.0 x 73.3 x 90.0 cm (16.5 x 28.9 x 35.4 in)

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