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Voukenas Petrides

Light Sculpture 7


This two-meter tall light sculpture is made in Athens using plaster from the island of Zakinthos. To construct the light sculptures, Petrides makes forms in woven wire mesh which are then covered in the wet plaster. Once dry, the plaster is polished and treated with a sealer that is absorbed into the surface. “Plaster and light work so well together,” say Voukenas Petrides. They describe the tear shaped column that identifies their lamps as emerging from the form the mesh itself prefers to take.“It creates a tripod effect, while the completed design has an anthropomorphic appeal.”

Materials: Gypsum, LED.

Voukenas Petrides


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  • Dimension/

    75.0 x 210.0 x 90.0 cm (29.5 x 82.7 x 35.4 in)

  • Style/

    Contemporary, Handcrafted

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    United Kingdom

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