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Perrin & Perrin

Les Mots Bleus


“Lest Mots Bleus (Inspired by poetry)

Reading the poems of G. PERROS facilitates the fluidity of interior and exterior calligraphy of Les Mots Bleus.
Happiness, words, the sea through a concise and stripped-down poetry.”

Perrin & Perrin


Martine and Jacki Perrin sculpt together as one, forming a duo enriched by their individualities. For over a decade they have explored the potential of ceramics in parallel with their practice of Far Eastern calligraphy. Glass became their preferred medium and they developed the unique method of “Build-in-Glass” which allowed them to constantly explore new boundaries and to continuously develop and renew their work. They create dense and compact blocks in which they sculpt both monumental and more intimate pieces, in unique shapes and colours. One of the distinguishing features of their work is the constant play on transparency, porosity and above all, light. They find their inspiration in scriptural and musical constructions, as well as in the revelation of geological processes or phenomena. Their work, born out of the four elements, has an intrinsic coherence and a unique beauty.

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    Black, Blue, White

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    10.0 x 34.0 x 23.0 cm (3.9 x 13.4 x 9.1 in)

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