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Giuseppe Ducrot

Large White Mirror


“Giuseppe has a very personal relationship with the art of the past and does not pretend to imitate it. He wishes to pay tribute to those works of the past that he considers as having already passed through history and as being intrinsically very contemporary.
This large mirror, like the rest of his works, translates the discourse of a sculptor and not of a designer, by its volume, its material, its play of light and shadow. A humble and contemporary homage to this ancient heritage that thrills the artist who dreams today of building a church entirely in ceramic.”

Giuseppe Ducrot


"Born in Rome in 1966, Guiseppe Ducrot is the leading Italian ceramicist of his generation. His family heritage dates back to a French ancestor who worked construction on the Suez Canal in the 19th century and died of cholera in Palermo, Italy, leaving a widow and a son. The latter would later found Studio Ducrot, celebrated in the 20th century Italian decorative arts for its Liberty style furniture, a variant of Art Nouveau. Guiseppe Ducrot showed a talent for drawing at an early age, holding his first exhibition at age 14, then studying at the painting studio of Giovanni Colacicchi and learning sculpture from Vito Cipolla, who trained him in traditional methods and materials.

A virtuoso of classical sculpture techniques, Ducrot has spent much of his career creating religious iconography in the form of marble monuments, busts, and other elements under the direction of the government of the Catholic Church in the Vatican. His talent for both figurative and ornamental styles has guided his distinctive approach to ceramics, which melds Greek and Roman influences with a riotous Baroque expressionism, often glazed with a signature shade of yellow. His ceramic furniture and decor pieces are lush with embellishment, boasting gravity-defying asymmetrical curves, executed with the self assurance of a vastly skilled technician with an exhaustive grasp of art historical styles. The casual mastery on display in Ducrot’s design works places them firmly into the sphere of the contemporary, where an experimental gesture can coexist timelessly alongside the masters of the mythological realm.

Ducrot is a member of the Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts and Letters of the Virtuosi al Pantheon, one of the academic honorary societies under the direction of the central governing body of the Catholic Church. He has created public commissions for the Vatican at several locations including the Basilica of Santa Maria deli Angelinas, the Noto Cathedral and the Basilica of Saint Peter. In addition, he also does commissions for private clients."

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    ceramics, Glass, Glaze

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    83.0 x 145.0 x cm (32.7 x 57.1 x in)

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