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Ines Schertel

"Lanudo" Rug


“Ines Schertel’s primary material is sheep’s wool. As a practitioner of slow design, the artist takes a holistic approach to textile design, personally overseeing the whole process from shearing the sheep to handcrafting each item, all done locally at her family’s farm in south Brazil. Paying respect to the Middle Asian rug making tradition, Schertel works by hand felting the wool in the same way the nomad tribes did, revitalizing the milenary technique with a fresh, contemporary look. All her pieces are 100% natural and exclusive.
This versatile piece can be used as a throw blanket over a bed or sofa, as well as a rug.
The “”Lanudo”” Rug is made with 100% sheep’s wool, in natural wool colors.
Dry cleaning the wool is suggested for better preserving the piece.”

Ines Schertel


The contemporary textile designer Ines Schertel manufactures versatile items using a six thousand year old technique. Each piece is unique in color and form and are not woven as textiles on a loom, but, instead, felted through the friction of the wool fibers. The combination of friction, water and soap contracts the wool fibers producing the unique pieces of textiles that are real, pure and 100% natural. The wool comes from the herd of textel sheep that are kept in a native camp in her ranch in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

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    380.0 x 2.0 x 180.0 cm (149.6 x 0.8 x 70.9 in)

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    Design Miami, USA

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