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Kasuri No. 299-1 & 299-2

This object listing has been archived.

Previously shown at Basel 2021.

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Kasuri No. 299-2, 2018.

Hemp warp and silk weft.

Silk weft.



Designer Statement: I am inspired by the color I see around me in the fields and forests and by the changes that time has wrought upon the walls of old houses. Life, as seen upon a wall, is not manifested in any grand way as is expressed in the words of history or tradition. It is the simple layering of time and the accidental staining that paints the walls, giving it depth and mood. In my works, I want to create a space and a time in which the observer can experience solitude – something similar to what I feel when I am before nature, where I can feel a time and space filled with peace.

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  • Color/

    Black, White

  • Dimension/

    x 110.0 x 220.0 cm ( x 43.3 x 86.6 in)

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