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Jonathan Trayte


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An avid observer with a keen perception and eye for the obscure, Jonathan Trayte poignantly examines the ways in which we perceive and utilize natural resources. Finding the surreal in the quotidian, his playful, off-the-wall objects offer a nuanced commentary on the universal language of consumerism.

Exemplary of Trayte’s tongue-in-cheek sensibility, Boobie (2021), a 2.3-meter stack of powder pink aluminum orbs, is axiomatic of Trayte’s embrace of contradictions between the organic and the artificial. Rendered from naïve forms with a pastel palette and child-like title, Boobie points to the link between the media and the sexualization of form and color. Trayte himself says, “Color is so important as a means of persuasion, persuading people to consume in particular kinds of ways, or in appealing to specific social groups. I create synthetic painted veneers and compositions of materials that either reflect or distort this language; they’re like skins of paint or textures that create a kind of chameleon appearance…”.

Jonathan Trayte


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    Cast Iron, Painted aluminum, Stainless Steel

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    100.0 x 100.0 x 233.0 cm (39.4 x 39.4 x 91.7 in)

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