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Jean-Luc Le Mounier

Jean-Luc Le Mounier Hamada Mirror Black

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A key element to Jean-Luc Le Mounier’s success is his acute attention to textural elements, often derived from nature. Hamada takes its name from a type of desert landscape consisting of largely barren, hard rocky plateaus, where most of the sand has been removed by wind removing the fine products of weathering. The finer-grained products are taken away in suspension, leaving behind a landscape of fragmented gravel and bare rock. To recreate the scorched earth effect Le Mounier constructs a complex composition of individually molded enamel plates, composed together on a mirror ground. The enamel plates are created with a surface of copper foil on which several layers of black crystal are melted, producing a finely detailed appearance that is both raw and glittering. Touches of gold are dappled throughout, further emphasizing its dramatic surface treatment.

black crystal.

Jean-Luc Le Mounier


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    129.5 x 5.1 x 129.5 cm (51.0 x 2.0 x 51.0 in)

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    New York

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