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Climate change. For champagne, the serving temperature plays a fundamental role on the perception of aromas. The custom is that for a perfect tasting, in less than 20 minutes, the bucket must contain 30 to 50% of ice and the rest with water.  During this time, Hervet Manufacturier is committed to reflect the elegance of a bottle to exalt the ritual of celebration and to emphasize the aromas during the tasting.

The Iceberg Champagne Bucket is made
of white ebony veneer and Rosewood santos Ebony from Macassar surrounding a solid stainless steel tank.

Hervet Manufacturier


"In the wood trades each tree has its own meaning, in the Hervet’s family tree as well. HERVET Manufacturier is the sum of the know-how acquired and transmitted over more than four generations, almost all of them have been named Louis. It is no surprise that by going back in the history of this family from Normandy, we find cabinetmakers, carpenters, marque- try craftsmen, chest builders or even coopers for well-known liquors distillers.
This family has been able to transmit its know-how and its passion for woodworking from generation to generation. A legacy that has been enriched and refined over time to achieve excellence.
Being young, the two cousins Hervet, Cédric (1974) and Nicolas (1976), already inseparable and creatives, began to make their own furniture. Then they mastered by taking different paths in life, a means for everyone to assert themselves and to accomplish themselves into the Hervet line.
Honored by the industry and distinguished on numerous occasions for his work, Nicolas remained in his core business. After the Boulle School of Applied Arts in Paris Cédric took time to distance himself from the wood industry to get closer to the world of music and develop his creative vision as Creative Director for Daft Punk.
In 2008, Nicolas designed an exceptional desk for his cousin, the founding piece, the starting point of the adventure.
At that time Cédric Hervet needed a quality, ergonomic and elegant piece of furniture for his post-production works, especially with the legendary robots duet.
This unique piece reflects the perfect collaboration between the two men. It was the trigger. From this masterpiece was born the idea of HERVET Manufacturier.
By using this signature that now the two Hervet cousins design furniture under meticulous respect for the traditional techniques of carpentry, cabinetmaking, marquetry, and upholstery, using with measure what the planet earth offers as the most beautiful and durable: exotic woods, fine quality leathers, metals, ...
HERVET Manufacturier creates and manufactures, under reasonable quantities, furniture and decorative objects, inimitable design, influenced by the visions of anticipation of the previous century. Creations that write step by step the vision of an ideal world, projected in an undetermined future time.
They are to be discovered since January 2016 "

  • Color/

    Beige, Black

  • Material/


  • Dimension/

    19.8 x 19.8 x 19.8 cm (7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 in)

  • Style/


  • Ships from/

    Normandy, France

  • Made to order/


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