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Hexacorallia Luxus

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Previously shown at Miami 2021 for $28,000.00.

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Hexacorallia Luxus is a rare and recently discovered species of lamp, not easily classified into standard taxonomies. Though debate over whether Hexacorallia indeed belongs to the Object Kingdom and not the Plant or Animal Kingdom persists, we must attempt to define and categorize it based on our current – if limited – understanding. Even when we restrict our efforts to the Object Kingdom, it is difficult to determine whether Hexacorallia ought to belong to the Supellex family (common name: Furniture) or whether it shares more in common with members of the Sculptura family. Surely it has a close affinity with other sculpture – its expressive form, its conceptual underpinnings, its spirit and presence – would place it squarely in that family. And yet it cannot be denied that it’s ability to illuminate its surroundings, it’s exquisite craftsmanship, and it’s frequent habitation alongside humans suggest that it could equally be classified along with other members of the Luxus Supellex genus. Identifying characteristics include an armourlike paper skin, the layers of which show yearly growth cycles (color may vary, though known specimen are a deep, inky black), and six extremities branching from a central node – each terminating in complex hemispheric structures with hundreds of radially symmetric leaflets and surrounding a warm internal luminescence. Known specimens of Hexacorallius are interdependent with Minimus Aeneus (Minimalist Brass), and experts are currently researching the exact mode of symbiosis through which the two species coexist. Our primitive understanding of the relationship suggests that Hexacorallius uses Minimus as a host, gradually consuming Minimus to feed its own growth. Our knowledge of Hexacorallius is rapidly evolving and we hope to have proliferation of specimens to study as the popularity of Minimus Braseriae in human habitats continues to rise, each serving as a potential host to the fascinatingly enigmatic Hexacorallius Luxus.

  • Color/

    Black, Gold, Green

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  • Material/

    Bronze, Steel

  • Dimension/

    91.4 x 274.3 x 91.4 cm (36.0 x 108.0 x 36.0 in)

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